President: Adrienne Resha

Adrienne Resha (she/her) is a Ph.D. candidate in the American Studies program at the College of William & Mary writing a dissertation about Arab and Muslim American superheroes. She served as Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President before becoming President of the GSC. Adrienne is the author of “The Blue Age of Comic Books,” has presented at the Comic Studies Society and Race & Media conferences, and writes for WWAC, where she is Assistant Editor of Comics Academe. She has also written for The Middle Spaces and is a steward of #WomenOnPanels. Adrienne can be reached through her website and found on Twitter @AdrienneResha.

Vice President: Evan Ash


Evan R. Ash (he/him) is a Ph.D. student in history at the University of Maryland studying the cultural and social history of mid-20th century America. His writing has been featured in The Metropole of the Urban History Association, the Cleveland Review of Books, and The Vault of Culture, and he has presented research at the conferences of the Midwestern History Association and the Comics Studies Society, in addition to multiple graduate student conferences. He is particularly interested in expanding the history of the American anti-comics movement and uses comics and responses to them to understand moral politics and politics of childhood during the 1950s. Evan can be reached via email at and on Twitter @evanthevoice.

It Ain't Me Babe Comix Produced by Trina Robbins and Barbara "Willy" Mendes

Secretary-Treasurer: Zachary J.A. Rondinelli

Zachary J.A. Rondinelli (he/him) is a Ph.D. student in Educational Studies at Brock University. His primary research interests include comics theory, multimodality, and reading/literacy studies. Zachary’s dissertation will utilize participatory action research and comics-specific visual methods to examine the nature of reading comics in the classroom, as well as extend current research on how the medium sponsors multimodal literacy development for students. Zachary is active on twitter as @zjarondinelli and @LittleNemo1905. He has been published in tba: Journal of Art, Media and Visual Culture and his public scholarship can be found at the Vault of Culture, Sequential: Canadian Independent Comic Book Magazine, and PanelxPanel.

Member-at-Large: Joshua Roeder

Joshua Roeder is a Ph.D. candidate in the History & Culture Program at Drew University. He studies American Popular Culture, specializing in Comics. As a Comics scholar, his work primarily focuses on the relationship between the creators and the readers, while exploring how the latter has influenced the development of the former’s work. He can be found on Twitter @joro_89 or Facebook.

Member-at-Large: Sydney Heifler

Sydney Heifler is a comic book historian who specializes in romance comics created during the immediate post-war era in both the United States and the United Kingdom. She is a recent graduate of the MSt in Women’s Studies from the University of Oxford. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in history at the Ohio State University with a Distinguished University Fellowship. Sydney can be found on Twitter @romancecomicbks. Pronouns: she/her/hers.

Web Editor: Jeremy Carnes
Jeremy Carnes received his Ph.D. in Literature and Cultural Theory from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His dissertation explores the ways comics can help rethink the ways we historicize and read temporality in literary studies.