About Us

"A History of American Comic Books in Six Panels" by Matt Madden, 2012

About the Comics Studies Society and the Graduate Student Caucus

Founded in 2014, the Comics Studies Society is the first learned society in the United States focused on the scholarship of comic books, comic strips, graphic novels, and all other kind of graphic narratives. It aims to promote and widen research and teaching on comics by providing an institution that supports interdisciplinary teaching and research in comic studies and the recruitment and development of a diverse group of new scholars in order to build the field.


Founded alongside the Comics Studies Society in 2014 is the Society’s Graduate Student Caucus, whose main goal is to advocate and provide support for both graduate students and early career scholars in comics studies. Because comics studies lacks institutions at the level of the college and the university, new comics scholars often feel isolated. Accordingly, the Graduate Student Caucus aims to provide a space for graduate students to meet their peers, identify compelling work in their field, and network with scholars outside of their institution for the purpose of identifying mentors and other kinds of support.