Announcement: CSS Grad Caucus Elections


The Graduate Student Caucus (GSC) of the Comics Studies Society (CSS) will be holding elections for its Executive Committee. The poll will open Saturday, April 16, the day after the GSC meets at ICAF, and conclude Saturday, April 23. All graduate student members of CSS are automatically members of the GSC and are eligible to vote on caucus matters and to run for caucus positions. The positions currently slated for the ballot are Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Members-at-Large. Please see descriptions for each officer below.

The next 18 months will be an exciting and formative time for both the GSC and the CSS. Official incorporation and the inaugural membership drive, which began last month, means that membership of the CSS has grown more than tenfold; the CSS’s journal, Inks, will appear in 2017; and the CSS will be making foundational decisions about its institutional affiliations and partnerships. The GSC will be looking for new ways to serve graduate students engaged in comics studies, especially in terms of their scholarship, teaching, and future career. Part of this growth will involve drafting and approving a permanent constitution which most accurately defines the goals and structure of the GSC so that it might best serves the comics studies graduate student community.

The current GSC Executive Board will be accepting nominations starting now, and concluding 5PM Friday, April 15. There are two ways to nominate yourself. You can either write to, including the position you’d like to run for and a bio of approximately 100 words. Or, if you will be attending ICAF in Columbia, SC, you can propose a nomination during the GSC’s meeting at 11:40AM on April 15. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please email with the name and contact information of that person by the end of April 8, to allow time for the GSC to contact the nominee before voting begins. The descriptions of the positions in our interim constitution are:

Vice President: The vice president shall work with and assist the president in various duties, acting as a stand-in if necessary. S/he shall manage internal committee affairs, such as overseeing and delegating various tasks to committee members working cooperatively on rendering the GSC functions operational (building online presence, delivering news, organizing workshops/events, etc.). Additionally, the vice-president is in charge of recruitment of new grad student members. Upon completion of the 18-month term, the vice president will assume the functions of the president until the next annual meeting.

Secretary-Treasurer: The secretary-treasurer assumes the responsibility of managing the society’s finances, keeping minutes from all meetings, and keeping a membership list. The secretary-treasurer shall present a financial statement at the annual meeting. 18-month term.

Currently, the role of Member-at-Large is not defined by the interim constitution (and one of the earliest tasks of the next Executive Committee will be to define the role within the constitution), but is likely to include: Providing general oversight of the running of the Caucus and the decisions of the Executive Committee, including voting in decisions the Committee makes. Members-at-Large are also likely to serve on subcommittees assigned with particular work on behalf of the Graduate Student Caucus. 18-month term.

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