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PoltroonHello from the Graduate Student Caucus of the CSS!

Welcome to our new blog. Wondering what the Graduate Student Caucus is? Well:

The Graduate Student Caucus is the collective name for all graduate student members of the Comics Studies Society. The purpose of the Caucus is to assess the needs and represent the interests of graduate students within the Comics Studies Society, and to provide fellowship, support, and advocacy for graduate students pursuing graduate work in comics studies. The Grad Caucus was formed at the same time as the CSS, with an initial membership of 17 graduate students who attended our first meeting at Ohio State last December, during the International Comic Arts Forum conference. Over the coming months and years, as the Society and the Grad Caucus grow, we plan to provide graduate students with opportunities for professionalization and training, connections to mentors, and places to discuss their professional and scholarly interests and concerns.

To that end, the Executive Board of the Grad Caucus would very much like to hear from any graduate students interested in the Society’s work. The Society is still working out a dues structure, but membership will be available in the coming months (the CSS is in the process of filing for incorporation and 501(c)(3) status, a prerequisite for most fundraising and dues collection). Early membership, particularly for students, is likely to cost relatively little compared to the dues for other scholarly societies. Grad student members of the CSS will be de facto members of the Grad Caucus with voting rights. But even before formally joining the society, we invite you to contact and follow us via Facebook, Twitter (@CSS_GSC), or this website, and to let us know what matters to you. We’d also like to share any information you have about upcoming conferences, panels, cons, lectures, and other events relating to comics.

In the coming weeks we’re going to post some writing from members of the Executive Board—all graduate students working in comics studies—explaining their research and ideas about the field. But we don’t want the blog to be limited to the Board, and would very much like to hear more about the work other graduate students are doing on comics. If you’d like to write something for the blog, please be in touch. We want the Grad Caucus to be a hub for information and opportunities for graduate students.


Ben Novotny Owen, President

Graduate Student Caucus Executive Board

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