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What it is: The Comics Studies Society (CSS) 2022 Conference is around the corner and excitement abounds, but so do the stressors of the real-world logistics leading to the conference. To help mitigate these stressors and build community prior to the conference, The Graduate Student Caucus of the CSS has created a virtual bulletin board for your use! This board will serve as a repository for members to seek aid from one another in alleviating travel and lodging costs for this year’s much anticipated conference. 

How to use:
Post your travel needs on the board under the relevant category, along with contact information that you feel comfortable corresponding through and sharing in a public-facing context, such as an email address or social media handle. Contributors to this virtual bulletin board can then use this space to communicate about and coordinate their respective plans for attending the conference. Please note that the GSC will not follow-up on requests on your behalf; instead, our hope is that providing this virtual space will create opportunities for conference attendees and GSC members to talk and plan with each other so as to reduce logistical worries prior to meeting up in East Lansing in July. We hope this space creates more community among GSC members by making the upcoming conference more accessible to all. If you encounter any issues or have any questions/concerns, please contact the GSC at

Get started with this link!

See also: For general information and offerings on travel and lodgings, please also visit the CSS website by clicking this link

Collections, Archives, & Cultures 

July 28th – 30th, 2022

Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan

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